Evaluation of Image Cryptography by Using Secret Session Key and SF Algorithm


  • Noor Kareem Jumaa University of Technology
  • Abbas Muhammed Allawy Federal Public Services Council




SF, LFSR, secure key exchange, image quality, histogram


In the unreliable domain of data communication, safeguarding information from unauthorized access is imperative. Given the widespread application of images across various fields, ensuring the confidentiality of image data holds paramount importance. This study centers on the session keys concept, addressing the challenge of key exchange between communicating parties through the development of a random-number generator based on the Linear Feedback Shift Register. Both encryption and decryption hinge on the Secure Force algorithm, supported by a generator. The proposed system outlined in this paper focuses on three key aspects. First, it addresses the generation of secure and randomly generated symmetric encryption keys. Second, it involves the ciphering of the secret image using the SF algorithm. Last, it deals with the extraction of the image by deciphering its encrypted version. The system’s performance is evaluated using image quality metrics, including histograms, peak signal-to-noise ratio, mean square error, normalized correlation, and normalized absolute error (NAE). These metrics provide insights into both encrypted and decrypted images, analyzing the extent to which the system preserves image quality. This assessment underscores the system’s capability to safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of images during data transmission.


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Author Biography

Noor Kareem Jumaa, University of Technology

Computer Eng. Dept.