Security Monitoring in Smart Homes Using IoT Data Analytics


  • Zahraa Al-smaysim University of Information Technology and communications
  • Davood Akbari Bengar Islamic Azad University



iHOCS (Intelligent Home Control and Security System), CASAS (Canter for Advanced Studies in Adaptive Systems), Internet of Things (IoT), Smart home security, Data analysis, Android mobile application


With the rapid proliferation of Internet of Things devices in smart homes, the necessity of robust security measures has become clearer than ever. This study aims to apply data analytics to enhance security monitoring within smart home environments. By leveraging the wealth of data generated by IoT devices, the study also aims to create an intelligent system that is capable of proactively identifying and addressing potential security threats through Android mobile devices.
Therefore, privacy concerns were addressed through encryption and anonymization methods to protect sensitive information. The study evaluates the effectiveness of the developed security monitoring system through simulated and realistic scenarios, thereby highlighting its ability to detect and mitigate a wide range of security threats. Thus, the research contributes to the development of smart home security by providing a smart, data-driven approach to monitoring security incidents. In the evolving landscape of smart homes, the proposed framework forms a cornerstone for ensuring the safety and privacy of residents within this interconnected ecosystem.


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Author Biographies

Zahraa Al-smaysim, University of Information Technology and communications

Department Department of Media and Government

Davood Akbari Bengar, Islamic Azad University

Department of Computer Sciences,
Science and Research Branch