Enhanced Hybrid Algorithm for E-AbdulRazzaq and Fast Online Hybrid Matching Algorithms for Exact String Matching


  • Hayder kamil AL-Jazayiri Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics
  • Atheer Akram AbdulRazzaq University of Information Technology and Communications




computational biology, Exact String Matching Algorithms, E-ARFO Algorithm, E-AbdulRazzaq Algorithm


Algorithms for string matching are considered one of the most extensively researched topics in the field of computer science due to their substantial role in various applications, such as information retrieval, editing, security, firewalls, and biological applications. String matching involves examining the optimal alignment by comparing the characters in the pattern and the text. Over the past two decades, it has gained considerable attention due to technological advancements. The need to address string-matching problems has also emerged because of its wide-ranging applications. This study presents the E-ARFO hybrid string-matching algorithm, which combines the best features of two original algorithms, namely, E-AbdulRazzaq and fast online hybrid matching. Compared with other algorithms, the proposed method demonstrates outstanding performance in terms of the number of attempts and character comparisons conducted across multiple databases, including DNA and protein sequences. Results indicate that irrespective of the number of attempts or character comparisons made, E-ARFO consistently ranks first for short and lengthy patterns in most databases. Results also reveal reduced runtimes and competitive character comparisons. Moreover, results underscore the potential effect of E_ARFO on computational biology, offering a new paradigm for precision and efficiency in string matching.


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Author Biographies

Hayder kamil AL-Jazayiri, Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics

Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies

Atheer Akram AbdulRazzaq, University of Information Technology and Communications

Business Information College